Microsoft Excel is the most widely recognized & suitable spreadsheet function. It was launched in 1985.

It helps us create/manage data & logical charts. Some of the most popular uses of Microsoft Excel are to balance a checkbook, create an expense document, build & edit formulae. Excel comprises Tabs, a group of commands & worksheets.

Microsoft Excel

Excel files are known as Workbooks. Each workbooks contains one or more Worksheets.

Microsoft Excel Worksheet

A worksheet is a combination of rows & columns that intersect each other to form cells where data is entered. Within a worksheet, we can perform tasks like calculations & data analysis. By default, a new workbook contains only one worksheet named “Sheet 1” but we can add & delete multiple worksheets within a workbook. An Excel Worksheet is also known as a “Spreadsheet”.

Within a worksheet, rows are identified by numbers running down the left side of the worksheet & columns are identified by letters running across the top of the worksheet.

Microsoft Excel Rows
Microsoft Excel Columns

Features of Microsoft Excel

  • Autosum
  • Autofill
  • Auto shapes
  • Wizards
  • Charts
  • Pivot Table

Microsoft Excel Compatibility Mode

Sometimes we may need to work with files (workbooks) that were created in the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel (Excel 2003 & Excel 2000). When we open these kinds of workbooks, they open in compatibility mode.

This mode disables certain features, we can only access the commands which were used to generate the workbook. (For example, if we open a workbook created in Excel 2003, we can only use the tabs & commands found in excel 2003 version.)

If we want to access all of Excel 2016 features, we can convert the workbook to the Excel 2016 file format.

Microsoft Excel Online

We can also use the Microsoft excel online on the official website of Microsoft. You obviously have to log in with your Microsoft account before using the tool. It is a free & online version of Excel that contains all the functions, chart tools & many more. This tool lets us share & participate with others in real-time.

Microsoft Excel & Google sheets, both are Spreadsheet Programs that are highly helpful to the users and are constantly developing.

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