“The Universe is everything we see, and a lot that we cannot see. It was created in the Big Bang explosion and has been changing & expanding ever since.”

The Universe is about 13.8 billion years old.

At its beginning, it looked nothing like it looks today. Yet, everything in today’s universe did exist in some form back then. It all started with the Big Bang (a kind of explosion), that marked the start of time and also produced all the matter in the creation.

Everything in the cosmos produces energy. We produce energy when we exercise. Light energy is produced by nuclear reactions inside stars.

Facts about the creation of the Universe:

  • In one-thousandth of a second, tiny radiation particles produced tiny particles of matter. These combined to form the first-ever chemical elements, Hydrogen & Helium.
  • Some regions of the younger Cosmos contained more Hydrogen & Helium than other gases. These shrank to form the first stars.
  • The elements in the cosmos today were produced from elements created in the Big Bang.
  • Nuclear reactions inside the stars created many other chemical elements including oxygen, carbon & nitrogen.
  • At the start, the Universe was a hot & dense ball of radiation energy.

The Universe is expanding by about 70 km (43 miles) per second.

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