In the 2nd century, at its fullest expanse, The Roman Empire stretched approximately 4000km (2500 miles) from Spain in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east, and from Britain in the north to Egypt in the south.

The Roman Empire didn’t expand overnight – in fact, it took more than 500 years for Rome to grow to a superpower from a small village.

Roman Empire

Roman Empire – The Gore Fest

It was a contest between Gladiators, mock sea battles, and fights to the death with exotic wild animals. This was held at Rome’s Colosseum and drew crowds of up to 80,000.

Who were the Gladiators?

Gladiators were fighters who were trained in the art of killing for the entertainment of the Roman crowds in the Colosseum. They mostly fought armed combats with swords (gladii), but some specialized in other weapons & tactics.

Opening of Colosseum

Important Dates From the Past of Roman Empire

  • 753 BCE: Traditional date of the foundation of Rome
  • 509 BCE: Romans drive out their kings & found a Republic
  • 272 BCE: Rome has conquered all of Italy
  • 145 BCE: Rome’s power covers much of the Mediterranean
  • 88-31 BCE: The Roman Republic weakened by a series of civil wars
  • 44 BCE: Assassination of Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome
  • 27 BCE: Augustus becomes the first emperor of Rome
  • 117 CE: The Roman empire was at its greatest extent

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