How do I choose a Domain Name for my website?

This is a crucial question most business owners must focus on. In the 21st century, an online presence is the most important factor for all businesses.

While starting to choose a name for your website, you should keep these 5 things in mind-

1. Extension: Always try to go with the .com extension. Since the launch of TLDs, the .com extension acquires top position. It is widely used all over the world and is the most recognized TLD extension. Always bias towards .com extension.

2. Length: The number of characters in a name must not be more than 10–12. Whether you are a startup or an established business, always choose a name that is not very lengthy. By doing this, users can easily remember your domain name. Keep your name as short as possible.

3. Trademark Infringement: In the world full of businesses, always cross-check that the domain you have chosen for your website is not violating the trademark regulations. Go to govt. sites and check if some brand has registered that name or not. If anyone has already registered with that Trademark/Wordmarkavoid trademark infringement.

4. Must be Brandable: Your domain name must show your brand name and the product/service you are providing. People should get exact idea of what you are doing by only reading the name.

5. Use Broad Keywords: Always use broad keywords in your name(which are widely used and identified). Google algorithms make it easy to list and rank these types of names. Also, they are very useful in SEO Techniques.

The name should be easy to pronounce. Make it catchy and easy to learn so that your audience can remember you without any difficulty. Avoid using special characters and numbers in your domain name.

Please go through these points and choose your domain name wisely.

For purchasing domain names, you have multiple options like – Godaddy, Bigrock, Google etc.

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